Alexander Investigations Inc.


impressive Expertise & Meticulous Attention

"Mr. Morrison’s expertise and reports are impressive, especially his accessibility, meticulous attention to every aspect of the situation, and reasonable rates."" (Read the full letter, PDF format)

Karen D. Stevan
Barrister & Solicitor

My First and Only Choice When I Need Results

"I have used Glen Morrison, of Alexander Investigations Inc. for several years now. Glen is my go-to guy when I get stuck and can't find people who don't want to be served, or can't be found. His abilities to deliver, when others proclaim that they are at a dead end, has made Glen my first, and only choice, when I need results.""

Steve Ballard
Cowley & Company Law Firm

Provided Me with Invaluable Background Information

"I recently hired Glen Morrison, Alexander Investigations Inc., to interview a witness who refused to answer any of my calls. To my great surprise, Glen was able to not only interview the witness, but also provide me with invaluable background information. He did all of this for a very reasonable fee and with a very short turnaround time.

I was so impressed that I immediately hired him on another file. I was having difficulty serving Court documents on a Defendant. Once again, Glen not only performed the service for which he had been hired, but also provided me with invaluable background information on the Defendant. Again, his fee was very reasonable.

I will no longer use anyone but Glen Morrison, Alexander Investigations Inc.""

Tim Louis
Tim Louis & Company Law Office

Hard-Working and Self-Motivated

"Glen's investgation has been solid; he was able to deliver on agreed deadlines and within cost extimates. He is hard-working, self-motivated and keen to be known as a top investigator." (Read the full letter, PDF format)

I No Longer Use Any Other Investigative Service

"I no longer use any other investigative services other than Mr. Morrison. He bills responsibly, and does outstanding work. His ability to find people is exceptional. I would highly recommend him for any type of investigative work in any area of law." (Read the full letter, PDF format)

Christopher M.A. Bungay
Bungay Law Office

Prompt, Effective, Efficient

"I have found Mr. Morrison to be prompt, effective, efficient and personable. I have also found him to have the ability to 'think outside the box' on matters for which I used his investigative services." (Read the full letter, PDF format)

Frida Tromans
Peninsula Law Group

Confidently Recommend Glen Morrison

"I very confidently recommend Glen Morrison as an investigator. He was chosen by our lawyer, Howard Rubin, as the best investigator and the only person he would want to have work with him in dealing with the RCMP shooting of my son Ian Bush in October, 2005." (Read the full letter, PDF format)

Linda Bush

The Best Private Investigator I Have Used

"Mr. Morrison is the best private investigator I have associated with or used."

Howard Rubin, Q.C.
Howard Rubin Law Office

Gains the Cooperation and Confidence of Witnesses

"In all instances, Glen Morrison has been uniformly thorough and assisted greatly in obtaining desired results. He seems to have the uncanny knack of gaining the cooperation and confidence of witnesses and those under investigation where previous efforts have failed. I would recommend Mr. Morrison enthusiastically and without reservation."

Barry L. Long, Lawyer

The Finest I Have Seen

"I have used Alexander Investigations Inc. on several occasions in my capacity as defense counsel for I.C.B.C. Mr. Morrison's investigative work is the finest I have seen in my 20 years as a lawyer."

Robert W. Collings, Lawyer
McQuarrie Hunter

Thorough, Professional

"I have retained Alexander Investigations Inc. to assist in both surveillance and background investigations in defense of I.C.B.C. claims. I have found their work to be thorough, professional and in many instances exceptional."

Carolyn P. Bouck, Lawyer
Murchison, Thomson & Clarke

Timely and Efficient Expertise

"Due to your excellent efforts... we were able to succeed in getting the plaintiff in this matter to totally abandon his claim of lost earnings. We certainly appreciate your timely and efficient expertise which helped us resolve this matter."

Wayne Hunkins, Lawyer
Matison & Margolese (Beverly Hills, California

Excellent Work

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work on the ski lift accident at Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, on behalf of our firm and our client. As a result of the investigative efforts, I believe that we are in a far better position in this case than we originally anticipated. We look forward to continuing our work with you."

Jeff E. Parker, Lawyer
Scarpello & Ailing, Ltd (Carson City, Nevada)